Capitalize on the Power of Employee Referrals

Each of your employees is an ambassador for your business. When given the proper tools, they can act as a rich resource for new hires by referring people from their personal networks. Leveraging employee’s existing social media connections, Referral Factory Pro gives your employees tools to easily advocate for your business and effectively draw in new hires.

Studies show that new hires from employee referrals stay longer, make better quality employees, and take less time to hire.

While many businesses already have an employee referral program, helping employees engage with the program and get the word out can be a challenge. Barriers include employees ‘wondering what to say’, ‘being unsure of company offering details’, or just ‘not feeling that they write well enough to communicate job opening information’. Referral Factory Pro can remove these barriers by providing prewritten and sharable referral messages and other easy to share content.

The Referral Factory Pro utility is customizable, easy for employees to access, and can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing employee referral program.

Broader Reach

On average, each of your employees has a social media reach of 150 people or more.

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Shorter Hire Time

It takes an average of 55 days to hire a candidate as opposed to an average of 29 days for a referred candidate.

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Better Quality Employees

Referred employees tend to stay longer and pick up on their responsibilities more quickly because they have insight from the referring employee.

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What is Referral Factory Pro?

Referral Factory Pro is an online message center that helps your employees reach out to their social media networks easily, while preserving the strength of your message and branding.

HR Directors get an easy-to-update admin to customize referral messages, and employees follow a simple link to a message center webpage where they can easily share referral messages on their preferred social media platforms. They can even customize messages or create their own from scratch.

You can also upload infographics, videos, and other forms of supporting media for employees to share when building excitement about your company and employment opportunities.

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Why Referral Factory Pro?

It’s Customizable

You can customize your Referral Factory Pro to meet your business’ specific branding and messaging guidelines, allowing for consistency in referral communications.

It’s Easy to Use

Referral Factory Pro isn’t just easy for you to set up, it’s also easy for your employees to use. Pre-composed or original messages can be shared by your employees on a variety of social media platforms in just seconds. This increases the likelihood of your employees utilizing the tool.

It Broadens Your Reach

It’s estimated that every employee has an average of 150 contacts in their social network. This means that your message will be able to reach a larger and broader audience that would otherwise be inaccessible through traditional hiring techniques.

Give your employees the tools they need to succeed in helping you grow your team. See a demo, or sign up and get started today!


Give your employees the tools they need to make your employee referral campaign successful. View your free demo today!

Forward As Is

Make sharing your message easy with pre-written messages that your employees can simply share.


Tap into your employees’ Twitter networks with custom messages specifically for Twitter.

Fill in the blanks

Help your employees highlight your benefits with fill-in-the-blank messages. Your employees can insert their favorite benefits into a prewritten message!


Infographics are a great way to bring attention to your message. Upload your own or have us create a custom infographic for your business.

Personal Referral

Your employees are your greatest advocates! With personal referrals, they can compose their own message promoting your business.


Make it easy for your employees to share your promotional videos with their social networks!

Have a Question?

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