A: No. Referral Factory Pro is a powerful messaging system to help your employees leverage their existing social media networks to refer people to your organization. If you have a referral incentive program in place, Referral Factory Pro can help make it work better for you by removing some of the barriers to employee referrals.
A: Yes! In fact, Referral Factory Pro also includes tools to help you get the message out to your employees via email, text, and with printed materials.
A: Referral Factory Pro offers multiple data tracking options that help you determine which employees are using the solution and how often they are visiting the site.
A: Absolutely, a good referral program should include rewards. Referral Factory Pro gives you the information you need to provide employees with rewards for successful referrals, and incremental rewards for using the solution to spread your message!
A: Some of Referral Factory Pro's options can be switched off to allow for more customization of your referral message platform.
A: Some of the functions of Referral Factory Pro could be done using other tools, however Referral Factory Pro saves time and money by integrating tasks and ensuring that the power of peer referral is not lost in implementation.
A: No, currently we offer subscription services only, although there are various packages ranging from annual to month-to-month.
A: We’re glad you asked. Referral Factory Pro is customizable and can be used to solicit business-to-business referrals and for promoting events.
A: Referral Factory Pro works alongside those solutions by helping remove barriers that may prevent effective employee referrals.
A: You can set up multiple campaigns from your referralfactorypro.com control panel.
A: Yes! Referral Factory Pro is great for promoting events because it ensures your event information is communicated accurately.