Welcome to Referral Factory Pro!

Welcome to Referral Factory Pro, the easy-to-use online message center that gives your employee referral program a boost! Many businesses struggle with finding quality candidates, or have trouble getting employees to engage with their employee referral program. Referral Factory Pro is the solution. By empowering employees with custom messaging that’s easy to share, Referral Factory Pro helps you leverage your employees’ social reach. You can spread your hiring messages to a more targeted audience than with traditional hiring methods, and your message will carry the weight of a direct employee referral.

What is Referral Factory Pro?

Referral Factory Pro is an online message center that helps your employees get the word out that you’re hiring! You can customize the message center to fit your needs and branding, before sending it out to your employees. The message center includes a variety of messaging and multimedia options that your employees can share with their social media networks. Referral Factory Pro is a supplemental tool that can easily be incorporated into your existing referral program. See it in action now!

What does it do?

The power of employee referrals is well documented. Referral Factory Pro gives your employees the tools they need to successfully advocate for your business.

  • One-click employee access to your custom message platform
  • Customizable with your brand logo and accent color
  • Prewritten referral messages for employees to share
  • Fill-in-the-blank referral messages for employees to customize
  • Custom referral message option
  • Opportunities for sharing infographics, graphics, or video to promote your jobs
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest

This means more, and more targeted, exposure for your job openings.

Is it Just for Employee Referrals?

No! Because it’s customizable, Referral Factory Pro can be used by your organization for announcements, to get the word out about events, or even to gain more business via business referrals. Referral Factory Pro is all about empowering others to spread your message easily and accurately.

Referral Factory Pro is easy to use and easy to incorporate into your existing referral program. If you’re ready to embrace the power of employee referrals, order Referral Factory Pro today!