How to Leverage Employee Benefits for Your Employee Referral Program

When your employees talk about working for your business, they probably mention their favorite benefits, which could be anything from a matching 401(k) to free donuts on Fridays. Clearly, one of these carries more weight than the other. Getting your employees to talk about the right benefits is essential to a successful referral program and attracting quality candidates.

Plenty of big businesses offer unique benefits, such as Bain & Co.’s global soccer tournaments or Airbnb’s travel stipends. But what benefits do modern job seekers really care about and which benefits should your employees be promoting to attract high-quality new-hires?

It depends on your business and who you’re trying to hire.

While benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, and flexible hours are highly valued by most professionals, you can use more specific benefits to attract certain candidates.

For example, if you’re looking for candidates for entry-level positions, benefits such as tuition assistance, student loan assistance, and paid maternity/paternity leave may be particularly enticing.

You can also use your benefits to promote your business’ brand and culture! For example, if you are an athletic clothing supplier, you may provide your employees with free gym memberships, yoga classes, or an onsite workout space.

Whatever benefits you decide to promote, it’s essential that you get your employees to start talking about them. 60% of people reported that benefits heavily influence them when considering a job offer and, as your greatest advocates, your employees are essential to advertising them.

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