Creative Employee Referral Incentive Ideas That Get Results

When it comes to motivating your team, cash always seems to be king. But if you're trying to incentivize engagement in your employee referral program, you may not be able to afford financial bonuses. It’s time to get creative. While the way you motivate your team depends on company culture, what your employees value, and what you can afford, here are a few unique incentive ideas you can use that get results!

Time Off: One of the biggest motivators for employees next to money is paid time off. This incentive is flexible and has high value, which makes it a powerful motivational tool. You can get creative with time off too; offer an extra vacation day, PTO, a late start day, or an early leave day.

Gift Cards: Even a small gift card can prove to a great incentive for employees. The gift card amount depends on what you can afford and how often rewards are given. You can also personalize gift cards to your employees’ favorite local spots. Consider even letting them choose where their gift card can be applied!

Tickets: Whether they be to a concert or amusement park, offering tickets and passes to local attractions is a great way to motivate employees and help them engage in the community. The attractions that mean the most to your employees depend on your area and company culture. For example, if most of your employees are in their 20s-30s, tickets to a local concert series may be enticing, while if most of your employees have families, day passes to a nearby science museum or zoo could make for a great family outing.

Company Swag: Offering company-branded items does two things: incentivizes employees and increases your brand recognition. Mugs, shirts, umbrellas, or any other branded items that your employees use out in the community spreads awareness about your business while serving a practical purpose for your employees.

Group Rewards: If you can’t afford to give out a lot of rewards for your employee referral program, consider one group reward. This could be a team-building day, a special group outing, or paying for a catered lunch. When you offer a group reward, your employee referral program becomes a team effort, rather than individual endeavors. Making it a team effort can also cement your employee referral program as a part of your company culture and encourage team members to motivate each other. If you offer a group reward, make sure you set measurable goals and frequently update your employees on their progress.

Handwritten Notes: It may not seem like much, but a sincere, handwritten note can mean the world to your employees. It shows their achievements are noticed and appreciated. Even if they are not the primary incentive, handwritten notes are easy to add to your existing employee referral program incentive strategy.

Health & Wellness: Leveraging health and wellness rewards not only encourages participation in your employee referral program, but also helps your employees grown and achieve their goals. Health and wellness rewards can include gym memberships, personal training vouchers, yoga classes, or on-site massages.

These are just a few creative ways to incentivize your employee referral program. Want to give your employee referral program the best chance for success? Learn more about Referral Factory Pro today!