7 Tips for Crafting Posts for Successful Social Media Referrals

One of the advantages of Referral Factory Pro is that you can customize messaging about your business’ employment opportunities for your employees to share on their preferred social media platforms. While your employees can craft their own messages, the easiest option is for them to share your pre-written messages. But how do you craft effective social media posts that will encourage successful social media referrals? It’s easier than you might think

  1. Talk Directly to the Reader- It may be tempting to craft a message that focuses on the speaker’s experience. “I love working here! I especially enjoy the great benefits!” While this may get your message across, it fails to engage with the reader and start a conversation. Instead, speak to the reader. “If you’re looking for meaningful work with great benefits. . .”
  2. Use Proper Grammar- Proper grammar doesn’t just reflect well on your business and employees, but proper grammar and punctuation can actually help spread your message! According to research into what influences retweets, tweets with readability levels greater than 6th grade are more likely to be shared.  
  3. Avoid ‘Salesy’ Language- Social media is all about building relationships. Using ‘salesy’ language is going to seem disingenuous. Instead, craft a message that sounds natural coming from your employees. For example, instead of writing “Don’t miss out on this fantastic employment opportunity!” write, “I work at XYZ, and I want to pass along that we’re hiring!”
  4. Keep it Brief- When it comes to your business there’s a lot to talk about! However, lengthy posts are guaranteed to turn away readers. Keep your posts brief and succinct. Also, be mindful of different platforms’ character limits.
  5. Have a Strong Call to Action- At the end of the message, it should be clear what you want readers to do. Utilize strong command verbs, such as ‘click,’ ‘call,’ and ‘apply’ and make it easy for readers to follow through by including a link where they can apply or relevant contact information. For example, “Click here to apply today!”
  6. Tailor Your Posts to the Platform- Each social media platform has its own culture and best-practices for posting. Everything from text length to use of hashtags depends on the platform you’re writing for. Tailor your social media posts to each platform accordingly so they’ll receive the most exposure.
  7. Check the Context for Fill-in-the-Blank Messages- Most of what we’ve talked about can be applied to general posting for social media referrals, but this tip is specifically for Referral Factory Pro users. Referral Factory Pro has a fill-in-the-blank messaging option, allowing your employees to easily highlight their favorite employee benefits. However, when crafting these messages, it’s important to make sure that, no matter what benefit your employees choose to insert, the context of the message still makes sense. Nothing is more off-putting than reading “I especially enjoy matching 401(k) and being able to health insurance.”

By following these tips, you can craft social media posts and help your employees achieve successful social media referrals. Ready to get started? Order Referral Factory Pro now!