6 Steps for Introducing Referral Factory Pro to Your Employees & Encouraging Engagement

The success of any initiative in your business starts with introducing it to your employees. However, we’ve all witnessed new initiatives that, despite all their promise, have failed to stick and become part of the company culture. So how can you introduce your employees to Referral Factory Pro and actually get them to use it?

  1. Start With a Meeting: Gather your employees together for a meeting to introduce Referral Factory Pro. Employees tend to be better focused during meetings and you can answer any questions they have right away. This is also a great opportunity to remind them about how your employee referral program works. Make sure you keep the meeting brief and engaging. The longer a meeting goes, the more likely employees are to tune out. After the meeting, email your employees the link to your message center so they can get started while everything is still fresh in their minds.  
  2. Follow Up: Your employees have a lot on their plates and exploring Referral Factory Pro can quickly become one of those ‘meant-to-do’ things. Luckily, the tool allows you to directly email your employees and remind them to send out your hiring messages. But don’t just follow up in emails; talk to your employees. Ask them if they’ve used it and how their experience was.
  3. Track Insights: Referral Factory Pro allows you to track insights like which messages have been shared and how often. You can also track who is sharing messages. This gives you a great opportunity to improve your program. Check in with employees who aren’t engaging and ask them why. This will help you identify and address barriers to success.
  4. Recognize Successful Referrals Publicly: Whether you recognize them in meetings, by sending out an email, or placing their picture on the news board, you need to acknowledge employees who successfully refer new-hires. It not only rewards participating employees but also encourages everyone to participate in your referral program. This also helps cement your referral program a part of your company culture.
  5. Make Referral Factory Pro Part of Orientation: Keep the referral cycle moving by introducing Referral Factory Pro during new-hire orientation! This helps cement it and your referral program as part of your company culture, encouraging continued engagement from day one.
  6. Stay Engaged: You are the driving force of your employee referral program and Referral Factory Pro. If you fail to stay engaged in these strategies, the program will fail. Set the standard for your employees and continue in making Referral Factory Pro a part of your company culture.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your employees use Referral Factory Pro and that your employee referral program is successful. Are you ready to leverage the power of employee referrals? Check out our demo to see how Referral Factory Pro can help you find high-quality new hires today!