3 Common Employee Referral Program Issues and How Referral Factory Pro Can Help

You probably already have an employee referral program in place, but are your employees using it? Do they know how to promote your business? Are you tracking employee engagement? When was the last time you updated your employee referral program?

We can’t understate how important employee referral programs are for gaining high quality new-hires, but oftentimes, businesses run into problems in execution. We’re here to help! As a supplemental tool, Referral Factory Pro can easily be incorporated into your existing referral program and help you solve these 3 common problems.

1. Low Employee Engagement

Employee referral programs only work when your employees are active participants, yet keeping employees engaged ranks as one of the top HR challenges. Unfortunately, your business’ referral program probably ranks low on your employees’ priorities or has been forgotten entirely.

Referral Factory Pro allows you to send a link to your online message center directly to your employees’ emails, along with reminders, ensuring that your referral program become part of the company culture, rather than an afterthought. This is also a great way to get your employees excited by advertising your incentives or recognizing employees who have led to successful referrals.

2. No Insight Tracking

Do you know how many of your employees actively engage in your referral program? Where are they promoting your business? As with any campaign, tracking insights and performance data is essential for evaluating its effectiveness and improving. Referral Factory Pro allows you to track who is using your online message center and what types of messages they are sending. This way, you can also tell what types of messaging potential new-hires are responding to.

3. Inconsistent Message

What are your employees saying when they talk about your business? Do they highlight your great benefits package, or do they talk about the new paint job in the breakroom? One of these is enticing to a potential new-hire while the other is white noise. That’s why having a strong, consistent message is so important. Referral Factory Pro’s customizable messaging helps you maintain the strength and consistency of your message, no matter who is sharing it. Your business has a lot to offer employees and Referral Factory Pro helps you highlight those benefits for your employees to share.  

Don’t let these common problems get in the way of your employee referral program’s success. Referral Factory Pro will help you better engage employees, track insights, and ensure you have a strong, consistent message. Strengthen and revitalize your employee referral program today and order now!